UPDATE: Chuck Voelter here! I'm excited to update this page with news of our second trade show attendance, NAMTA 2014 in Pittsburgh.

My name is Chuck Voelter, I'm a professional artist who has always made his own canvas stretchers, initially because I couldn't afford to purchase the really large ones I needed. Over the years my carpentry skills developed and I also got a BFA in painting. I never liked the idea of buying pre-sized stretcher bars - what if I needed a half-inch cut off? That ruins the corner joint on most bars- so the design and build of mine evolved over time, inspired by a variety of sources but always of a better quality than I thought I could afford. When I started selling a lot of paintings, I realized that I was starting to spend as much time making supports as making the image itself. I wondered if I could create a production line using my techniques and be my own best, first customer. I decided to offer my handmade frame design to artists all over the country and beyond. We seal our frame perimeters with Hemp Seed Oil, then strech them with your choice of Earth-friendly Hemp Canvas (a special weave we developed with our importer), a great recycled hemp/cotton/poly blend and traditional cotton duck, all primed or unprimed. We look forward to providing you with museum-quality supports for the duration of your painting career.